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February 8, 2021

Welcome to Sequel Pitch!

We're a podcast where four friends who love movies watch and a review a movie that doesn't have a sequel, then have a contest to see who can pitch the best idea for a follow-up movie!



Drew Toynbee


Drew is a husband and dad who has been listening to podcasts for ten years and is very excited to have finally come up with an idea for one that people might actually like!

When he's not coming up with sequel ideas you can find him spending time with his family working in software, doing DIY, playing Dungeons & Dragons or videogames, or dabbling in a bit of amateur dramatics.




Matt Rushton


Matt is an actor, gamer, and wannabe Viking. He has used lockdown as the perfect excuse to keep growing his hair, will almost certainly kill you (or just ugly-cry) should you try to cut it!

His favourite way to spend time is through some form of escapism - be that performing and pretending to be someone else, playing an assortment of different characters in D&D or video games, or simply watching characters’ lives play out in TV or movies! He enjoys these even more when he gets to do any of them with his fellow Pitchers.

There I is also rumour that he is apparently on Twitch (V1KingXL) but no-one has ever seen him on there…




Ross Harmston


Ross is an actor and podcaster, already a regular cast member of The Danger Club actual play Pathfinder podcast, before lending his dulcet tones and podcasting knowhow to Sequel Pitch




Andy Henry


Andy is a writer and actor, currently focused on fine-tuning the script for his new sitcom




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